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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to Weight Watchers

I went! I'm on the right track to following my plan... my official weigh-in was 166.4- a gain of 1.6. Actually not that bad considering how much I was eating. 

Ok, recommitment starts NOW!

Next Sunday- I'll see ya lighter!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Enjoying the "in-between"

It has been about two months now.

Two months.

Two months and I haven't lost any weight. I've gone down, but come back up. I have teeter-tottered and flip-flopped down to 162 and back up to 167. BUT I have yet to break the plateau. In fact last week I had a friend visiting and I gained 4 pounds! Plus, I haven't even been to WW in almost 3 weeks. 

But the good news is-  even though I have been enjoying the "in-between" I haven't lost sight of my goals. And I haven't stopped weighing myself and mostly- I HAVENT GIVEN UP. 

Last Christmas I had a bit of a breakdown.  I had lost almost 20 pounds, then gained 7 of it back during the holiday. I was about ready to throw in the towel. I cried in front of my family and decided right there and then that I would get back on the plan.

And then I lost almost 20 pounds.

This weight loss journey has had ups and downs, but I feel like I'm in a better place than I was at Christmas. I feel eek! happy with myself. I'm actually enjoying the "in-between". I mean, it's my life, I should be!

And now that I took a bit of a break, I'm ready to try do this again.

And this is the plan:
- Go to Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow.
- Exercise tomorrow and get back to my exercise program next week
- Start a weight training program
- No (and I repeat) No eating out next week.
- TRACK and follow the WW guidelines.
- PRAY for strength- and visualize myself succeeding.

I am ready to lose the next 20. 

See you lighter!

"Don't forget to enjoy the view while you're on the journey."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now what will I do Tuesday nights????

Now that this season of Biggest Loser is over? 

I am so sad. I lost 20 pounds during the season. It was something I counted on every Tuesday night. I knew no matter what my ass would be in the gym from 8:30-9:30 once a week to watch the show and workout on the elliptical. I feel like Im already going through withdrawal symptoms...

ANYHOW- here is my BL finale review, Ill keep it short & sweet (actually it is directly from an email I sent to The best friend)

WOW!!!! Crazy huh????? I was a little disappointed that Helen had won, I was rooting for Tara. But by the finale, it was anybodys game. Didnt she look a skeleton? How did Helen lose that much in a month? I think she may have been ON something. Not sure- just seems a little fishy.  Remember how ramped up she was when Jillian visited her at home? HMMMMMMM...

Mike looked hot!!! Huh? Very cute kid----- if I was 18 of course ; )

I wish Nicole or Kristen would have won the at-home, but Jerry deserved it. Bless his little old senile heart.

As for the orange team- COME ON! It makes me really sad that David didnt lose any more weight. Thats a guy who has lost his hope.

Kristen= awesome & LOVE the hair, wish I could have been behind the scenes to see if she ever talked to Ron...

Anyhow! thats my review of the show!!!!

Now on to my personal challenge- Day 2- off the scale. OMW this is so hard!!!! Yesterday was worse.  I just didnt realize how dependent I am on it! The Fiance is not much help, because he is still weighing everyday and then asks me, What do you weigh this morning? I keep having to remind him that Im off the scale this week. The nice thing is he is losing weight, so I probably am too... since we workout & eat together. I can report that I am much happier and less anxious about my weight loss - proving that...

Man cannot live by the scale alone...

See you lighter!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not looking...

I mean, I did it this morning, but that's it! I just wanted to see what the damage was from yesterday's buffet disaster.

But seriously, NO MORE SCALE this week! The metal monster is going under the sink until next Tuesday when I officially weigh in at Weight Watchers.

You see I have *a bit* of trouble with the digital dragon. I am not one of those compulsive people that weigh themselves after meals or anything but I DO weigh myself everyday. I think sometimes I depend on it too much to dictate my behavior that day. My WW leader warned us about it at yesterday's meeting. When I am "down" on the scale, I am elated. When I am "up" I feel shitty. I need to stop focusing on the numbers and focus only on the behaviors. 

So, that is my challenge this week--- to focus on my eating & exercise habits and forget about that stupid little box and what it conjures up every morning.

See ya lighter!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's an epic battle...

and it's happening within myself.

Most times I have things under control, and I can keep my life in order, my choices smart, my lifestyle healthy. But I have this other woman who lives inside me and sometimes she brakes free. I try to keep her locked up inside, for my own good. But once i let her start to rear her ugly head- she ends up taking over. She makes me do things I clearly should not. She's the one who convinces me to eat an entire box of cookies, or go through more than one drive through at dinner time. Give her an inch and she'll take a mile.

I TRY to keep her locked up but sometimes she gets out. And when she gets out- better lock down the food. Lately she's been out and trolling around Las Vegas. The truth is, I don't have a split personality. But I AM a binge eater. And lately I am having a hard time controlling it.

So, why oh why would I go out to a buffet when I know I cant handle food right now????
Ugh, I feel gross. I have been yo-yoing for a month- i thought I might have broken my plateau this week. One day I had made it to the 163's. This morning I went to WW and lost the 2.8 pounds I gained 2 weeks ago. 

So, how did I celebrate the loss???? The Buffet??? WTF?!
I tried to keep myself in line, I went for the Veggies first... but then my eyes glazed over when I saw the buffet spread. And I found myself getting back up for seconds, thirds- ahhhh--- even fourths!!!! And then I knew the crazy bitch was out of her cage. 

I am not going to give up, I wont, I will keep fighting my inner-food-crazed monster. She may have won todays battle, but I swear I will win this war.

Till next time, one of my personalities, will see you lighter!