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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 1: Happy Birthday to me: A brand new day, a brand new life

Happy Birthday to me... happy birthday to me...

I can not believe today is the day. Sort of anticlimactic actually. HAH!

As promised I went to WW and weighed in at: 160 pounds. Kinda far from my goal. But if you would have asked me a year and a half ago if I ever thought I could seriously lose 40 pounds. I would have said No. In fact I had very little confidence that I could ever change my life or my appearance. And then little by little I started making small changes. And those small changes started adding up. Now I fully believe that I will hit my goals, I am proud of myself thus far.

In retrospective, it isnt just the number on the scale that is important, it's other stuff too. It's the other accomplishments that really mean something, its the reward from working hard. So I decided to list those, just to remind myself.

30 Changes & Accomplishments:
3o.  I actually like taking pictures of myself again!
29.  I have elbows that "point" again
28. My double chin has shrunk considerably
27. My skin is so much clearer
26. My upper arms are rounded instead of totally flat- they actually have definition
25: My rings are loose!
24: I enjoy shopping for clothes again.
23: I am taking more pride in my appearance
22. I actually enjoy the feeling of hunger, I can appreciate it. (I know that sounds weird)
21. I ran 2 5ks this year!
20. I played on a soccer team during the spring.
19. I scored a goal!
18. My collar bones are starting to come out again!
17. You can start to see my spine 
16. I can feel my ribs again!
15. I can get drunk off 2 drinks again! haha
14. My neighbor told me yesterday that she didn't recognize me because I lost weight (the last time I saw her was 2 months ago)
13. My co-worker commented, "look how good Luzanne looks!" to another co-worker
12. I get full rather quickly.
11. My feet have gotten smaller!  ( i didnt know they did that)
10. My Fiance seems to really like my new look : )
9. I dont get winded by doing a simple task.
8. Crossing my legs again.
7. i had to buy a new bathing suit because the other was too loose.
6. Fitting into old clothes!
5. When I put my hair up, my neck looks much thinner than it use to.
4. My boobs stick out further then my belly!
3. Shaving my legs is easier.
2. Taking (and loving) a Zumba class.
1. Changing my entire view of my life and my abilities.

I may not have hit my mark by my 30th birthday, but I am really proud of what I accomplished so far this year. And I absolutely know that in the next year I will hit my ultimate goal (less than 130). I may be taking it slow, but I will get there- just you watch me.

So, I realized that I miscalculated and maybe today should have been day "0" since my postings counted down to my birthday. Then again maybe it SHOULD be a one since technically this is the first day of the next year of my new life.

See ya lighter!

Also, thanks to everyone for your support through this personal challenge. Your comments have meant so much to me along the way. Merci!!!! XOXOX

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2: Less that one hour left!

Less than one hour until the BIG day! I can't believe it is almost here— and that I am spending my last minutes in my twenties blogging! I feel like I should be out doing something crazy and uninhibited. Like sky diving, or just drinking myself into oblivion!  

I gotta tell ya though, I am starving right now! I didnt really eat dinner. I am hoping to pull some sort of loss at the 11th hour. Even if I have to restrict my intake, it would be worth it if the scale shows some movement. Tomorrow I am going to have an official WW weigh in and I will report the results to you ASAP.

Sigh... well I better go... I have only 40 minutes left to go run the streets naked- or something like that! See you all tomorrow--- keep those fingers crossed that I wake up weighing 130. HAH! I'll need a miracle for that...

See ya lighter!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 3: I am sorry

Lately, I've been posting negative postings about how frustrated and angry I have been at myself for not being committed to losing, even though things are really hard with company the past couple weeks. Unstructured time is hard, but it's life! And today something really wonderful happened- my grandma got married! It was a really nice moment and I want to concentrate on that today. I dont want to feel bad because I ate a piece of their wedding cake. I cant keep stressing myself out over the scale thing (as I always do). Who cares if I dont lose any more weight before my birthday? I've come a long way!

Yesterday i bought the dress I wore to the wedding- at a boutique! AND IT FITS. In fact, I bought 4 dresses! It was a great feeling to know that I could do that. I can now pick out a nice dress in one day, one store- actually only one hour! Being able to do that is a huge, huge accomplishment for me... as much as losing on the scale. 

 I want to be thankful for all these great things happening in my life... like our families and how great it's been to share these moments with them. Even if I don't lose another pound before my birthday weigh in- wonderful things are happening around me and I need to concentrate on that too.


Day 4; More family in town

Not a completely wasted day, but I may have gone a bit overboard with the chips and salsa at dinner. Plus no time for exercise. Sorry if my posts have been boring lately- but when real life starts taking over, my internet life suffers : (. I promise I will be back & better than ever soon.  I miss reading everyone else's blogs... thanks for your continued encouragement!

See ya lighter.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 5: jumping back on

I'm jumping back on the plan. Today I had a good day. Probably because i slept in until 2 pm! Pretty good food choices up until late evening when I had a slice of the leftover strawberry shortcake from yesterday. But the cake is made with fruit- so it cant be completely bad for me - right? Then I went for a mile long walk up to Walgreens (although I bought some gummy worms while there) AND I did 30 min. on the elliptical! (and then drank a beer & vodka shot).

Okay, so maybe I'm not perfect but I did a hella lot better than I have the past few days- so I guess thats improvement.

See ya lighter.

Oh, btw I am skipping my ww meeting tomorrow so I can go on my actual birthday.

Friday, October 9, 2009

day 6: Grooooooooan

I am fasting for the next 6 days - starting now.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 7: Ugh I want to cry

I am so frustrated!!!! I just want to eat healthy but with family in town and no structure- It is so hard!!!! I am not mad at myself - I'm just really frustrated. I feel like no matter what my intentions are I cant pull through - and I feel like it's out of my hands. So many curveballs and so much stress. I sort of feel like I've put a lot of pressure on myself to lose a lot of weight this week to end my challenge on a higher note. But I just cant control shit and it's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I love having family here I just wish I could stick with my diet when they are around.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 8: Big disapointment

With one week till my birthday- I am really disappointed in myself tonight. I went WAY overboard with eating. 

The fiance's parents are in town and I made awful choices for myself when we went out to eat.... sigh..... I am going to forgive myself, forget my mistake and start fresh tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 9: Is it possible to eat out and still lose weight?


Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 10: Adieu point 22...

So as you may or may not know, in weight watchers every time you drop into a new bracket of numbers you must adjust the amount of points you can have daily. Now that I have reached 159 pounds I am down to 21 points. And if you have been following my blog you know that I honor the old point with a little poem. So here goes...

The time has come
To bid you adieu,
For we now must part,
My sweet 22

In good times and bad,
you've helped get me through,
When the hunger would strike
There was sweet 22.

I'd feel a deep ache
and my tummy would growl,
Standing at the fridge
you'd let me prowl.

Hmmm...Popcorn & fruit, 
or a low cal snack,
You would be there,
For my late night attack.

Growing closer and closer
 to my awaited goal,
I have to be better,
And stop stuffing my pie-hole.

So, dearest point 22
I've finally got wise,
For I'm on this trip
to lose these fat thighs!

Hope you enjoyed!

See ya lighter.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 11: Good news... then bad news...

FIRST The good news is- my 159 stuck!!! I pulled a 159.8 at today's weight watchers meeting! YAY! totally excited about that.

Now for the Bad news. I made a very poor decision to go to the buffet afterward. 

Seriously what the F*&K was I thinking???!!!!!

Well, I paid for that decision  big time.

I knew the second we got to the table it was a bad idea. I only filled up my plate once and then split a plate of crab legs with The Fiance. But the food I filled my plate with.... I am just so ashamed. 

I wish I could say that I learn from my mistakes. But for me food is my alcohol. It's my drug of choice. On a whim I can scarf down two - three thousand calories. And I always end up feeling bad about myself.

 I felt like such a glutton even being there. 

I was just hoping and praying I didn't see anyone from weight watchers as I chowed down on all those fatty foods.

But just like alcohol, when I ingest too much at one time, I pay for it.

I'm sorry if this is TMI, but within 30 minutes, I was paying for it. I had bubble gut ALL DAY LONG. It is amazing how I use to be able to eat like that all the time and not feel the effect. Now, I am reeling from it. And I have been over and over...

I guess the weight loss gods are trying to teach me a lesson. Will I ever learn?

See ya lighter.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 12: HOLY MOLY!!!!!! I saw it...

I just got a glimpse of it, I don't know how long I will keep it... or how it happened but this is what I saw this morning when I stepped on the scale. At first, it shocked me. I had to take a second look because I didn't recognize the shape of the numbers to the ones I normally see (161.8, 162.2, 16o.2, etc). I actually got on and off several times to make sure it wasn't some kind of weird fluke. 

It said 159.8...

I don't know how it happened. I really don't. All week I have been pulling 160-162. Maybe it was the 14+ hours of sleep I got last night. Maybe it was my planning yesterday... What ever it is that caused that moment I am going to savor it. I am going to hope and pray that it lasts and that I can continue my journey into the 50's. 

Please hold tight 159- at least till tomorrow's weigh in.

See ya lighter.

Day 13: Life throws your curveballs

My schedule was a bit crazy and despite my efforts to plan I had some unexpected changes in my schedule. I did okay, probably a little better b/c I planned. Lunch was a disaster b/c I had given blood a half hour before and they wanted me to eat something sweet when I was done- I ende up eating 2 cookies and skipping lunch. Then I was at a photo shoot and missed my opportunity to eat my snack so I ended up grabbing a bag of Lays baked potato chips. Dinner was almost normal, except that I ate a whole tortilla instead of half... and then there was the ice cream.

I will be planning for tomorrow and hopefully since it is a lazy saturday, I will do better.

See ya lighter!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 14:I have a plan. A better plan.

And it's for tomorrow. 

I realized something- when i lose the most weight on WW it's because I have a plan for the next day. I plan all my meals in my tracker with pencil then re-write it in pen as I eat. The better I plan the better I do. Then right before I fall asleep, I visualize myself sticking to my plan the next day.

When I go into a day being able to make my own choices on a whim I end up eating pizza & cupcakes (like today, when we had lunch catered at work). Normally, that's fine. I'm okay with eating a slice of pizza here and there BUT, I am not going to lose this weight being sloppy and letting myself give in to these impulse meals. I've been letting myself slide the past couple days and it is showing up on the scale. Gotta reign this shit in...

So tomorrow it's back to following my plan. The meal plan I just wrote in my tracker.

I will share now and let you know how I did...

-WW yogurt (1pt)
-fruit (1)

-1/2 tortilla (1.5)
-ground turkey (3)
-Lettuce & tomato w salsa
-fruit (1)

-packet of lipton soup (1)

-2 eggs (4)
1/2 tortilla (1.5)
WW cheese (2)
sugar free pudding (1)
olive oil (2)

Free (up to 3)

Total 22