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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Moto-board

I am proud to say I was 2 pounds down this week for a total of 7 pounds since the New Year! And now my goal is to loose just 3 more pounds before February for a total of 10. I am really focused on losing 10 pounds a month for the next three months... I know it is attainable I just have to stick with plan and track, track track.

This year in attempt to focus on changing my eating pattern I have decided to really study my habits and keep a record of how I do daily, weekly and monthly to see when and why I have my most successful weeks. I have created a Motivational board, I keep it in the kitchen, the most tempting room in the house!

On the board I have the following posted:

1) Motivational stories or photos of people who have lost weight
2) A weight watchers monthly calendar given to us by our leader, with daily inspirational sayings.
3) A record of the weight I have lost thus far, I cross of the numbers as I lose the pounds
4) Old trackers- in case I need to go back and see a record of past weeks
5) A gym schedule with all the aerobic classes and times offered.
6) My Biggest Loser calendar, I write down my exercise and point values per day, if I have a "fail day" - a day where I do not track, follow plan & exercise I highlight that day with a blue highlighter, this way I can visually see how well I did each month and monitor myself every day. Sometimes I write notes in there too, I also think it helps to keep me honest.

I'm really excited about my moto-board! I think it will really help keep me this year...

Soooo... what do you use for your motivation?

See ya lightr!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another year, Another goal

Well if you are still here with me I thank you for sticking in there! I know I lost some readers during my hiatus and I cant say I blame them for leaving. It's been pretty boring here for the last few months... nothing new... except the fact that I gained 14 pounds since my birthday!

No, Im dead serious. Fourteen fucking pounds.

Im not bitter, Im not angry. Im just motivated. I know what I have to do and I am fairly confident that I can do it.

I have a great system all set in place and I am ready to fight this thing head on. I am back to Weight Watchers, and a new season of Biggest Loser is on... it's a NEW YEAR! Of course!!! It's time to set new goals.

This time I am prepared to be more aggressive with my weigh loss battle. Kicking it up a notch. Working out harder. And getting more diligent about my diet. No more half-assing it.

Two Sundays ago I went back to Weight Watchers and weighed in at... 174 pounds. There I said it- 174 points. I decided right there and then that I would lose more weight that next week, then I had in any other "starting week" on Weight Watchers (and I have started many times!) The most I had ever lost in a week was 5 pounds.

The leader told us a funny little quote at last weeks meeting, "The plan works a little if you do it a little, The plan works a lot if you do it a lot." That is my mantra, and all that chanting it really helped- I LOST 5.6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What helped?
My leader told us if we did the following things we WOULD lose weight last week:
1. Write everything down that you eat and drink.
2. track your hunger through out the day
3. Mark your 35 points if you use them.
4. calculate all your portion sizes.
5. Eat fruit and vegetables 5x a day.

I really tried to do all those things last week, plus I worked out a shit-ton.

So, I feel like I'm back and I have some motivation to share- so if you are still hanging in there- I promise to update more often!

See ya lighter!