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Monday, January 25, 2010

My Moto-board

I am proud to say I was 2 pounds down this week for a total of 7 pounds since the New Year! And now my goal is to loose just 3 more pounds before February for a total of 10. I am really focused on losing 10 pounds a month for the next three months... I know it is attainable I just have to stick with plan and track, track track.

This year in attempt to focus on changing my eating pattern I have decided to really study my habits and keep a record of how I do daily, weekly and monthly to see when and why I have my most successful weeks. I have created a Motivational board, I keep it in the kitchen, the most tempting room in the house!

On the board I have the following posted:

1) Motivational stories or photos of people who have lost weight
2) A weight watchers monthly calendar given to us by our leader, with daily inspirational sayings.
3) A record of the weight I have lost thus far, I cross of the numbers as I lose the pounds
4) Old trackers- in case I need to go back and see a record of past weeks
5) A gym schedule with all the aerobic classes and times offered.
6) My Biggest Loser calendar, I write down my exercise and point values per day, if I have a "fail day" - a day where I do not track, follow plan & exercise I highlight that day with a blue highlighter, this way I can visually see how well I did each month and monitor myself every day. Sometimes I write notes in there too, I also think it helps to keep me honest.

I'm really excited about my moto-board! I think it will really help keep me this year...

Soooo... what do you use for your motivation?

See ya lightr!


  1. Wow!!! Just, WOW! That moto-board is awesome! Can I have one?? hahaa.. i think I am going to make one now. That is SO cool!

    What is my motivation? The fact that my dance class is getting costumes on Thursday and I have to fit into them!! That is my motivation! Haha.

    I am SO beyond happy for you right now!! This is so exciting! And.. 7 pounds down? COngrats!!

    I'm rooting for you!! You got this! =)

  2. This is amazing!! I love how you have your old trackers up there too--particularly the one that says "I can do this!" I might steal the concept to create a board of my own at home.

    Congrats on the loss & keep up the great work!!

  3. I like that idea too. Also, I always find it helpful to watch inspirational movies when I am losing my momentum.
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