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Monday, March 8, 2010

No more excuses, just get it done.

watching celebrity fit club right now, feeling pretty crapola about myself. I have been unmotivated, stuck in the sand. I have every opportunity to lose, I have tons of tools right now--- a new season of Celebrity fit club and Biggest loser, a gym membership, weight watchers at work (with my favorite leader) --- I just cant "get into it." I want to break thru to the other side of 30, but I just cant commit!!!! UgH! I feel like I get started full speed ahead and then I waver when temptation is in front of me. I need to have an explosive month and really hunker down so I can get past this place where I have been for sooooooooo long.... tommorow is my ww meeting. Tomorrow is the day. I have decided to grab on and push through it. 157 - my first goal - I need it.