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Monday, March 8, 2010

No more excuses, just get it done.

watching celebrity fit club right now, feeling pretty crapola about myself. I have been unmotivated, stuck in the sand. I have every opportunity to lose, I have tons of tools right now--- a new season of Celebrity fit club and Biggest loser, a gym membership, weight watchers at work (with my favorite leader) --- I just cant "get into it." I want to break thru to the other side of 30, but I just cant commit!!!! UgH! I feel like I get started full speed ahead and then I waver when temptation is in front of me. I need to have an explosive month and really hunker down so I can get past this place where I have been for sooooooooo long.... tommorow is my ww meeting. Tomorrow is the day. I have decided to grab on and push through it. 157 - my first goal - I need it.


  1. I always feel like watching Celebrity Fit Club makes me feel BETTER! :) And yes, I watch it and blog about it just like the BL. Here's sending you some positive juujee on your WW meeting. Remember it is all ebb and flow with weight loss and your mojo will return soon!

    Alison :)

  2. Good luck!!! You CAN do this. you CAN! =)

  3. I know exactly how you feel - I have felt the same for the last month - maybe there is something in the air that has sucked all our motivation away! Grrrr! We need it back!! You can do this!!

  4. Hey there! Just checkin in - hope you are doing well and heading towards that goal!! :-)