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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 44: On the Go, GO, Go

I am so busy this week and it's reeking havoc on my diet. I don't think I can make it to the gym until at least Sat. because I've got something going on every night this week. Yesterday I went to weight watchers and weighed in at 147. I can't really complain about it since at least I am staying between 145-147, just bouncing back and forth between those two numbers.

Tomorrow I am going out for dinner with friends, friday a concert (with open bar) and then it's Labor day weekend! Sheeesh.... if you've read this blog before you know I have serious trouble with unrestricted eating. I just wanted to be able to track this week. And that is so hard for me when I am out and about. So I guess my only plan of action is to try to eat light for the early meals so I can save as many points as possible for the evening.

I tell ya, today I really contemplated going back to the doctor and trying the other medication she suggested. But I reeeeeally want to lose this last 15 by myself. I am going to give it a couple more weeks and see if I can get my shit straight.

talk to you tomorrow.


  1. This is freaky. Like, really freaky. Because I've been thinking about you for the past 2 days, wondering how you're doing, trying to remember if I still had your email to see what you were up to, picturing you in the Vegas death heat wondering if you were still alive, etc. And then here you are- just giving an update. I've missed you! So happy to hear that you're doing well and within the same weight range as me; I know you've been working to get here forever...Hey, maybe we should have a competition or something to get this weight off. I'm weighing in at 143.4 as of this morning. Welcome to hell my friend, been sitting around this weight since Jan. These last 15 pounds are the death of me; if you surpass me I might come find your ass. On a new rampage myself- let's catch up! XOXO- D

  2. DIZZZZZZ!!!!! Thanks for leaving the comment!!!! Im so glad you stopped by! Yes, i have finally made it to the 40's my friend & knowing me it may be a while till I break on thru to the other side- LOL. Ok- this challenge is now on lady... a little competition never hurt anyone, right? haha.

  3. Take note of the time- yes....it's 5:13 am and i'm back on your page- stalking. I'm on this new little fat flush diet (well, it's not new, I've done it before) but this time around I got all the supplements and vitamins you're supposed to take and one of them is freaking keeping me awake every effing night. This didn't happen last time I did it. Anyway...

    Dude let's do this- I'm so excited. Don't bother trying to go back and do a catch up I can tell you everything right now- I haven't been doing a damn thing. Haven't lost any weight, that's for sure. Or I lose it and gain it right back- same old. This time around I'm determined to kick this 15 in the butt...we'll see what happens. As far as the diet pills- I did them for a short time too. At least you admitted to it on the blog- I never admitted to mine. They didn't do much for me. Because there's a little bounce back time for me everytime I do them, so if I lose anything (via pills) I just gain it back later. I'm over them and trying to be healthy- all weight I've lost was really on my own anyway.

    We can do this! Geez, has it really been a year since your birthday? 43 days to go???? WE CAN DO THIS!

    I swear, in honor of your birthday- let's kick this 15 and do something to celebrate. I have half a mind to come out there and celebrate our skinniness with you...

  4. Hey Diz- I just realized you may not want me to post your last comment, I will take it down if you want... let me know.