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Thursday, February 19, 2009


This week the fiance and I decided to go "veggie extreme"-  we are going to try and eat mostly fruits, vegetables and lean protein, avoiding all breads and starches. 

If we were going to make it the whole week we knew we had to be prepared. So Monday we went to the store and stocked up on all sorts of supplies (a huge container of salad mix, assorted veggies, cabbage, peppers, fruit, nuts, dried fruit, etc.).  When we got home we spent about a half hour cutting, cleaning and packing our supplies into little containers.  That has been incredibly helpful. It makes deciding on a healthy snack a lot easier.

I've only been doing this for four days and I  feel great! I don't feel as bloated and I am actually not as hungry- believe it or not.

So how is it working so far? When I weighed myself this morning the scale said I had lost 3 pounds since Sunday! Crazy. But I don't want to get too excited b/c the only scale that means anything is the one I weigh-in on at my Sunday WW meeting. A lot can change by then. 

I know I haven't been doing this more than a few days, but I've learned a few things already that may help someone else who attempts this:

Be prepared- buy a variety of fruits and veggies 
If you are going to eat pretty much just veggies and fruit, you might as well have a variety, otherwise you are going to be get sick of the same shiz. Now is the time to try something exotic.

Make fruits and veggies easily accessible- 
Cut, wash and portion out your snacks immediately after buying them. It will make it easier to choose the celery when it is prepared, cut & cleaned instead of buried deep in the crisper drawer. Seriously, it works.

Get creative
Mix and match fruits and vegetables, cook them together & go nuts with spices. You will be surprised what dishes you can come up with when you those are your only ingredients!

I will admit I haven't been perfect. But so far, so good. 

So, I'll keep you posted and let you know what THAT scale says in a few days...

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