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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The training begins...

About a month ago a co-worker was telling me she was preparing to run a work-sponsored 5k on March 21rst. 

I thought, Holy Sh*$! A 5k? Of running???? Why would you ever want to torture yourself in such a way? Thats like 5 miles right?  But the more she talked about it the more I thought, maybe this could be a good challenge for me. 

"You could walk it, if you got tired," she offered "As long as you finish before they start tearing down the signs. It's really only 3 miles" 
Hmm... 3 miles I can do that. I think. If not I have health insurance, and I am sure someone will scrape me off the trail so the others can get by. : )

I sort of forgot about the conversation until last week at WW when I actually started reading one of their pamphlet/books. Those things are a wealth of knowledge btw and I always shove them in my bag and never read them. ANYWAY, in book 9, pg. 9 there is a section about how to train for a 5k. I took that as a sign that it was time to get off my fat behind and start training for this monster.

So, today the fiance and I started our first training session. Week 1 training goes like this:
Moderate walk- 5 min.
Jogging- 5 min.
Running (about 5 mph)- 5 min
Jog- 10 min.
Run- 5 min
Walk- 5 min.

I wrote the whole plan on my hand (as you can see) so I would remember it. And I set my phone to ring every 5 min to alert me when it was time to change levels. I packed all my supplies into a gay little fanny pack and we hit the road for our first day of training.

Let me tell you, running is a pain in the ass when you haven't done it for years. I was wheezing and huffing. Reminding me why I HATE running. It was rough and a few times I had to stop and walk a bit. The fiance did really good- but come on- he's tall and skinny and looks like he does this everyday. 

Even though this session was hard, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and I felt GREAT afterward! I was really proud that we did it. I actually look forward to tomorrow session- that is, if Im not too sore to get out of bed. 

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