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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A slight snag...

Already? Are you serious? Only two days in?????

All day Sunday and (almost) all-day Monday I was doing great, full steam ahead. I was like a WW newbie. Counting my points, carefully tracking, getting my guidelines in, even burning 10 AP. Then - out of nowhere- Ringggggggg! Its my friend calling me over to her pad to celebrate her b-friend's b-day. 

Now, I was doing great up until this moment. It was 9 pm and I still had 4 points left! I thought, Sure we'll go over and have A BEER. One beer. Besides it was The Fiance's B-day at midnight so I figured we would celebrate both Birthdays at the same time.

Little did I know she would have the full spread out when we got there. Doritos, Fried Chicken, fried potato wedges, Carne Asada,  con queso & salsa and of course RED VELVET CAKE!!! On top of that beer & liquor. Nothing was healthy on that table and it was all sitting in front of me. I had no where to go and no matter where I looked the fatty goodness was staring me in the eye. Honestly, I tried to avoid it but with everyone sitting around the table chillin, I definitely would have looked oddball had I sat anywhere else. One Dorito I said to my self. But once it hit my lips- it was all over! I couldn't say "No" to anything. It was all down hill from there.

When we left I had serious eaters remorse. Even the Fiance felt the same.... we agreed the temptation was too much to take. You must have willpower of steel if you could sit in front of all that food and not lose control.

But here is my problem, we are suppose to get together to celebrate The Fiance's birthday. We had such a good time last night- but last night I gobbled down all of my 35 extra points. Leaving me with nothing today. i dont want today's celebration to turn into another free-for all.

I need a game plan.  So what should I do tonight??? Please help me with suggestions, strategies- I will be in charge of providing the food. How am I going to make it through tonight?



  1. If you're in charge of providing food just make all healthy options or foods you don't like. LOL Seriously, make some WW friendly snacks: light chips, salsa, bean dip, veggie platter. For main dish do something light. For dessert make a WW friendly dessert. And eat a BIG salad before you even reach for something else to help fill you up a little first.

    Helps me to make go through it mentally first and decide in advance exactly how much and what I am going to eat. Get some MG64 beer. It's only 64 calories and 1 pt per bottle. Be careful with the alcohol because it gives nasty munchy syndrome. You'll be hungry!

    Oh and light popcorn is a good munchy snack with low calories and points.

  2. Would The fiance be okay with a low-key celebration? One that may involve healthy options? Or what about watiing to celebrate later in the week.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! They are very good.

  4. yeah. food you don't like and a giant veggie spread. if you have to drink alcohol, get kinds you hate. and don't get stuck with the leftovers!

  5. Instead of chips, how about mixed nuts?

    Instead of alcohol, fresh fruit juice served with sparkling water. A few bottle of light beer is OK, red wine is alright too.

    Veggie platters are always good, but serve it with humus instead of the commercial dips.

    For dessert, no cakes, but fresh fruits instead.

    If you have the right foods and drinks, it is very easy NOT to overdose.

  6. i had a similar temptation this weekend. Saturday, i was able to just put a few chips on a plate and walk away and be okay.

    Sunday I wasn't - on top of that my body isn't use to eating junk any more, so Monday I felt like crap (not just mentally, but my body actually felt bad)

  7. Yeah I just had that happen to me to (someones birthday drag me to a bar) I just get known as the "no fun" guy until my cuts over.

    Also a trick I use before I go out is to eat myself full on something I'm planning on eating anyway, that way I don't also have hunger staring me in the face ;)

  8. Just like others have already said - provide enough healthy stuff that you can have, and that will keep you from eating anything off plan.
    You can do it, especially if you have stuff out that you can eat, so you won't feel left out.