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Monday, July 27, 2009

It's baaaaaaaack....

It is going to be hard. VERY, VERY hard...

to keep this weight OFF.  You thought I was going to say to lose this weight, didnt ya? 

No, I am learning just how hard it is to keep this weight off. I am FAR from my end goal. But I have lost 30 pounds- or I should say "had" lost 30 pounds. Now I am finding out what everyone has always said, Losing the weight is half the battle... keeping it off.... now that is another story.

I have officially gained 8 pounds of my weight back. I am embarrassed and a little ashamed. I've been telling people that I wasnt losing- I was "maintaining".  But when I went to my WW meeting Sunday I realized, "Holy Shit! This weight can come back... quickly." And here I am back up into the 170's again....*sigh*.

Sunday's WW meeting was bittersweet. When I learned I had gained this week, I felt defeated. Upset. In fact, I hate to say it I was annoyed. I was irritated at the poor girl next to me who was celebrating losing 99.2 pounds. I hate that I was annoyed- but quite frankly I didn't want to hear it. I was upset at myself and I didn't want to celebrate for anyone. 

Despite being in a funky mood, I sat there and listened to the leaders advice. Which luckily was a message that hit home... it was about dieting. She re-iterated that this plan is not a DIET. It is a way of life, we are being prepared for the life we will have and the "rules" we will follow when we finally hit our goal. The leader said something that struck a chord - When you become a lifetime member you will earn a few extra points--- that's it. Just because you become lifetime does not mean you can eat like a horse again. 

I dont know what to say except that it scared me a bit... I dont know what to do with this new realization. It pisses me off... I love to eat... now I have to eat healthy FOREVER... that is, if I dont want to gain the weight back.

I always knew it... but now... I have to accept it.

See you lighter


  1. I used to think of WW as a diet which is probably why I ended up joining 5x and never reaching my goal OR lifetime. This time, I joined knowing it was "for life" (when I was diagnosed with diabetes in Jan) and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I made my goal. I have joined WW staff to help with keeping it front and center. It's not going to go away but I can make it enjoyable, DO-able. I have to.

    I have been in your situation so very many times, and WAY after I turned 30... so I think you're ahead of the game. I know if you can turn your head around re the whole dieting thing, and embrace it, you can do it. YOU CAN.

  2. Girl, I have gained back 6 pounds of the 25 that I had lost all Spring. I have not lost it yet either. So, I am just writing this to let you know that I too am in your same boat. I too know how frustrating it is. But lets both get back on the band wagon!! Sure its easier said than done.. but I just keep thinking about that end result that I want so badly. I want to be healthy enough to become a Radio City Rockette one day.

    So, what is your goal? 130 by 30? Go get em`!

  3. Two steps forward and one step back. But it's progress and that's the important part. It's nice to know someone else is going through the same thing. It's motivational. Thanks for your blog post. Keep posting and keep losing!