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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I didnt tell you...

I celebrated my one year anniversary of WW on June 20. One year of attending classes- with minimal meeting-skips... I should have been proud of it but I wasn't...

I didn't tell you because it was bittersweet. I had lost 31 pounds this year, and gained 7-8 lbs. of it back in the last couple months. I didn't tell you because when I made the announcement I wanted it to be in a posting that I could celebrate- and I haven't wanted to celebrate weight loss for awhile now.

But today I can proudly say- I lost 4 pounds this week and I have been on Weight Watchers for 1 year... and 33 days .

How did I do it? I worked my ass off this week.... imagine that! I ate well, tracked my food, and exercised. And it worked!!! I lost weight!!!! Plus, I faced the fat: I stuffed my cute, fluffy thighs into my 3-sizes too small bathing suit and I went swimming.

So, what better way to kick off another great week, than to fill my fridge, and prepare for the next week.  Here's to a "healthy" fridge, a year (and 33days) on WW... AND next week's 4 pound loss! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

See you lighter!!! xo


  1. Congratulations on facing the fat! Great job this week! Keep it up!

  2. Heck..who cares about the gain.. YOU LOST 4 POUNDS!! WOW!! Nice job!! You should be proud. Way to go!! =)

    P.S. Thank you (as always) for your lovely comment on my blog =)

  3. Woooo! Congrats on losing 4 pounds! FAB-U-LESS!