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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 52: I found my hip bone!

It's true! I found it! It's there! It's still covered with a nice thick layer of fat, BUT when I lay down on my side I can feel it! In fact, I've noticed my hips & midsection in general are slimmer!
And I am sure the fiance noticed too... because when he crawled into bed he put his arm around me, touched my hip and said he noticed I was loosing weight.... RAWRRR!

My suspicion was confirmed at today's meeting where I lost 1.8 pounds!!! Even better I finally shed all the weight I gained PLUS .6 - which means ... I CAN FINALLY CHANGE THE TICKER AT THE TOP OF MY PAGE!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! After several months of stalling I can finally say I am loosing again!!! WOOOHOO! Let's celebrate!!!!  Just not with food- unless of course we are talking about the foods on my new blog: Foods to DIE-t for!!! 

What do you think of the name? It is my new blog about products and diet foods I have come across along this journey. Please stop by I would love to hear your feedback about my brand new blog!! http://foodstodietfor.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading! 
See ya lighter!


  1. Wow, I am so excited to read this new blog. Sounds awesome..what a cool name!!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done, and well deserved. Good for you! =) So happy for you!!

  2. I definitely remember my own hip bone discovery experience. It was like "Wow--if I lay down I look all svelte & sexy!"

    I guess we can't lay down *all* the time though.

  3. Where's the link to the Foods to Die-T for? Me wants to see!!!!

    Isn't it awesome when u realize a body change? I did that not too long ago too... realized I had this little "curve" at my waist... was trying to figure out what the heck that was.. realized.. I'm SUPPOSED to be curvy and not one big round tummy! LOL