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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Mission Day 64

I just realized I only have 64 days left until my 30th birthday. Wow- and I still have 37 pounds to lose to hit my goal. I dont think its gonna happen. I can be really positive about it and say, I can do it!!!! But the truth is it's too much too fast. Thats like 5 pounds per week.  

At this point that isnt really a realistic goal. But I did say that if I hit 150 by my 30th birthday that I would be happy. So my new goal is 145 by my birthday.

In order to help myself along a bit I have made it my mission to write in this blog 1x every day for the next 64 days until my birthday. I promise to write down ever good, bad and ugly day for the next 8 weeks.

I am hoping that by keeping this "dairy"- even if its only 1 sentence per night, I may stay more faithful to my goal. So here we go... 64 days left... wont you join me? Cause I'm gonna need ALL the help I can get.

See you lighter tomorrow!


  1. Good luck completing your mission. I'll be cheering you on. You can do it!