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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 47: Rest, Recuperation & RE-HYDRATION!

Ugh... I'm hurtn' this morning, oh wait... afternoon. Too many of my homemade cocktails... if you read yesterday's post... you know what I'm up against today. 

Anyway, I am trying to bounce back with a stress-free, relaxing, rehabilitating day. I am eating simple, I need to re-hydrate and reverse the damage on the scale today.  So I am eating lots of veggies, fruit smoothies and soup. AND DRINKING LOADS OF WATER. Hopefully tonight I will be ready for some exercise. 

While recuperating I've been catching up on one of my favorite shows, What Not To Wear on TLC. I can totally relate to the people that are on that show. Especially today. The woman fought Stacey & Clinton every step of the way. She was so unhappy with her body that she couldn't enjoy the actual make over. Every time they told her she was beautiful you could tell that she did not believe them. It was when she said " I feel like I don't deserve it" — that was the moment I could relate to.

 Most of the contestants on this show have given up on their bodies- their selves. They are perfectly content walking around wearing something that resembles a garbage bag.  As always, when the makeover was done she looked 150x better. But she couldn't recognize it because she was so focused on her body and her flaws.

So many times we as overweight people hide in our clothes. We know we could look SO much better in nicer clothes that fit our bodies. Even some makeup & a sexy haircut- these are all things that we deserve- just as much as thin girls. Why do we allow ourselves to "zombie" through our lives or hide in plain clothes?

For six years my idea of dressing up was the black cotton tee shirt I bought from Wal-Mart. I hardly wore make-up and never tried to cover my frequent break outs. I let my roots grow and hadn't been to the stylist in years. Why did I let myself go for so long? 

Lately, things have changed. I like dressing up, I allow myself those pleasures. Yes, the weight loss has given me the push to make a change. But I wonder why I didnt do it sooner... maybe if I felt beautiful I would have felt confident enough to lose the weight sooner.

Girls, it's time!  It's time to focus on us. We need to treat ourselves like the princess we are. We can still be overweight and look good. Who knows? It may be the confidence shift we need to say we are worth it- we CAN stick to healthy eating. We ARE proud of ourselves!

See you lighter!

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