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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 53: Is it possible to have a big loss this far into the plan?

I am nervous about tomorrow's WI... I have been pretty good all day. I cant believe I went to Wendy's and ordered only a potato and small chili (10 points) I was soooo tempted to order their new boneless chicken wings with bbq sauce. It was really hard! I just kept imagining my mouth exploding with enjoyment as I tasted those tasty little nuggets of fat.... yummm.... Im still picturing it.

But the thought of facing that metal monster at WW tomorrow kept me from straying to the dark side. I am so nervous about weighing in. I hope, I pray that I lose 2 pounds. Thats what I am really hoping for...

Which leads me to the question of the night... Is it possible to have a big loss this far into the plan?

I haven't lost 5 pounds since the first week of WW. I usually lose 1 - 2 pounds on a good week (and I m not complaining) 
but never anything more than 3. I know it is healthy to lose up to 2 pounds a week & no more...yada ya. But I want to know if its possible. If I just excercised more, drank more water, ate less carbs. 
could I accomplish a 5 pound week?

I'd like to know... Have you ever lost as much as your first week on the plan?

See ya lighter-- hopefully!!!


  1. The only time I had a big weight loss in one week was when I did Atkins when I lost 7.5lbs - and just over 10lbs in the two weeks. The most I've lost on WW in a week is 4 - so it's totally do-able if you are watching the carbs! Good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. My very first week on WW... I lost 6 pounds. And then the second week.. I lost 5. So, within the first 2 weeks of WW, I was already down 11 pounds. Now... I am lucky if a lose a pound. For me, each week... it's usually about 1/2 a pound. But, I would say sometimes I do lose 1 pound. Rarely.. but it does happen.

    As for losing 5 pounds...I think if you really believe that you worked hard..maybe it could happen. I would be more overjoyed if I lost 2 or 3 though.

    Good luck to you =)

  3. ugh...dont even get me started...

    i have not even when i try my damndest..

    ill keep my fingers crossed for you though!

  4. One of the BIGGEST changes I made that made a HUGE difference in amounts lost was get on the supplements. If you're interested (all can be purchased at local WalMarts or GNC's I'm not selling anything LOL) just email me. Make sure you put "Supplements" in the subject so it catches my eye.

    This was all done with a weight loss coach, and SHE provided info of why, how, etc. on the supplements. I'm not sure I saved all that. But I can share what I'm taking.

    I also added on an herbal supplement that she is marketing, but that's not being released until the beginning to middle of September.

    I went from a measly 1.2 lbs or less a week to averaging at least 3 lbs plus.