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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 51: I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly dont want to

Right now I am trying to convince myself to go for a run. It has been months since I've run last...

The Vegas heat is way too intense for me to even think about running my fat ass around outside, even at night it is horrendous. But tonight I don't have much of an excuse, it's a "cool" 90 degrees and ... and I just dont have any excuses left! But oh, it gonna be hard.*WHAHHHHH!!!!!*  It's gonna be like when I started running for the first time back in March. REALLY HARD. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly dont want to. But I have to. No more excuses!!!! You guys have no idea. I am serious- I am really, really, really dreading doing this.

okay *SIGH*  here I go... See ya lighter.


  1. But you did it girl, and I'm proud of you!

  2. Oh man I haven't ever been good at running. I'm proud of you for running at all!

  3. I hope you went--it was probably tough but well worth it. It's just a matter of "just do it."

    Last Monday I "just did it" after a month of not doing it and have been back on track ever since.

    Good luck!

  4. So did ya get that run in? Girl, I'm telling you.. you gotta find a gym w/a pool! You "run" in the pool.... end result burning more (nearly double) calories AND you stay cooler. Dip down to cool off. That resistance the water provides does amazing things to the body!

    Keep your arms crossed in front (in an "X") and it pulls your Core so you get a lower and core body work out. End with some water weights doing arm workouts! Voila... stayed cool AND got your workout!