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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 63: A birthday Present to myself

Okay- as promised, here I am!!  AND I'm happy to report a good day! Good eating & good exercise! I would give myself a solid "A". 

I will admit, it was SO hard to workout tonight. I had to really dig deep. But it was looming over me... so drudgingly I threw in the 30 day Shred and got on with it. It was awful, I hated it, I'm not gonna lie, it sucked. I almost didn't finish it. My arms hurt so flipping bad that I cant even raise them above my head. But I am really glad I did it. 

I think writing everyday is going to be a huge motivator for me, because it keeps me accountable and reminds me of every dwindling day closer I am to my birthday- goal date! BUT what better way to reward myself on my birthday than to shed another 20+ pounds? I really thought about that a lot today. What better present can I give myself than a brand new body to celebrate in Costa Rica with! I really cant think of something I would want more than that! I just keep imagining giving myself a huge 25 pound package of fat all wrapped up in a beautiful box with a giant pink bow. Completely disgusting. Completely effective.

Until Day 62- See ya lighter!


  1. YAY! You are doing so awesome. I think writing everyday will be a huge motivator for you too. It helps me a lot. And... losing 20lbs would be a great birthday present! =) Shoot for the stars girl!

  2. Girl, I know your pain when it comes to the Shred! LoL. Jillian Michaels and I do not like each other at all! But, once I am over the 20 minutes of hell and the fact that I can barely pick myself up off the floor, my hate for her fades, LoL.

    Costa Rica sounds AMAZING! You and your brand new body will love it! :D