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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 49: Mind over Sushi

Today I got paid. Today I went out to eat twice.

Those two sentences pretty much sum it up. I tried- I really tried to be good. And for the most part I was, but probably not good enough for someone who is trying to lose weight.

First up  - lunch at Chiptole- a dieter's nightmare. I swear you can just breathe-in the calories there. Before we left I glanced at Dottie's Weight Loss Zone to get an idea of what I should order (a great site btw). I ended up ordering three chicken soft tacos (10 pts) with lettuce and tomatoes- no cheese. That's not bad right? Then I had 7 chips & guacamole (5pts)- I could have done without those.

Next up- sushi for dinner. We went to a place we had never been before, it is actually in the same plaza as my weight watchers meeting. I picked that place b/c I figured it would be a good reminder for me to be good. Just knowing that I was yards away from that scale reinforced the fact that I could not go "hog wild". I ended up eating 2.5 rolls and edamame- probably more than I should have.  But, I think back to before I was on WW and how I use to shovel away those rolls faster than the waitress could put them down. It wasn't uncommon for the Fiance and I to order all-you-can-eat and then eat until we exploded. Not once did I think about how many calories we were ingesting AND we did this once a week.

Today was the first time we had been out for sushi in months.

Even though I am a bit unhappy that I ate as much as I did, I still felt in control— And that I feel reeeeeeeeally happy about.

See ya lighter- oh here's Dottie's web page- check it out- it has helped me in a pinch!

- Losin


  1. Sounds like you did great. It's always great to look back and see the difference that you would have done a while back. Sounds like you have come a long way. Keep up the great work. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. You did good. Chipolte can be a dieters nightmare or answer to prayers. I get the veggie bowl, and it is a great option! Try it next time!

  3. I love her website! I use that all the time when I go out. Glad you felt in control! Your doing awesome! =)

  4. You ARE in control! Look at the simple, yet so impressive change you made by not scoffing loads and loads of the Sushi into your hip.. i mean.. lips.. lol as opposed to before! YOU ARE SO IN CONTROL NOW! I'm proud! I know how great it feels to be able to compare how you used to be when "misbehaving" to what you really are doing now and realizing it's not so "misbehaving" after all is it?

    Good job! Keep it up girl!

  5. Well done! If that were me I'd think I may as well have as much as I want! BTW, The Biggest Loser that's on here in the UK is Season 6 - I think the finale will be on next week - I have to say that Vicky gets right up my nose!!! lol

    Have a great weekend!!