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Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 58: Oh how quick the tides can turn!

I dont know how it happens.

I can go through my whole day with confidence. I'll eat a sensible breakfast, lunch and snack. I'll hold my head high (most of the time) as I pass by the doughnuts, cookies and other unmentionables tempting me at work. All day long I give myself reassuring comments like, "you're doing great" You'll have this weight off in no time", "I bet you will lose 3 pounds this week." ***sigh***

All day long I am solid. Then from out of nowhere I find myself hovering over a mountain of pizza slices, shoveling away. And I'm doing it mindlessly. Like I forgot the past 10 hours of self- pep talks...

Why oh why did I think it was okay to go to Ci-Ci's pizza buffet without a game-plan??!!! I was only going to try their 1 pt. WW pizza! But I ended up trying everything on the menu- including 3 slices of the WW variety. I just kept eating thinking - "oh, these are small slices... they wont have many points at all". Let me tell you those small pieces add up- to 8 slices! 

I am having serious eating remorse. I need to have a plan when I go out in these situations.... Grooooooooan...

I better go... if anyone needs me I will be spending the rest of the night on the elliptical.



  1. I am the exact same way. All day I was great, all day I watched what I ate and did so like a Champ! I get home and even have a really good dinner and then it hits me, like a mack truck. Then I find myself eathing snacks I shouldn't be. Why? I have no idea...

    Woah, Cici's has a WW pizza? I had no idea!

  2. Oh man I can totally relate...from waking up til I get home from work I am a rock of willpower. When I get home from work it's like my appetite is ravenous and if I don't have a dinner plan ready to make and access it can be REALLY bad. And yes, I always feel like a loser when that happens. It does make me more determined the NEXT day, but yeah...dinner is my weakness. I have made huge strides against this behavior and so far am succeeding :) You're gonna be just fine

  3. Check out my blog, i left something for you. =)