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Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm not looking...

I mean, I did it this morning, but that's it! I just wanted to see what the damage was from yesterday's buffet disaster.

But seriously, NO MORE SCALE this week! The metal monster is going under the sink until next Tuesday when I officially weigh in at Weight Watchers.

You see I have *a bit* of trouble with the digital dragon. I am not one of those compulsive people that weigh themselves after meals or anything but I DO weigh myself everyday. I think sometimes I depend on it too much to dictate my behavior that day. My WW leader warned us about it at yesterday's meeting. When I am "down" on the scale, I am elated. When I am "up" I feel shitty. I need to stop focusing on the numbers and focus only on the behaviors. 

So, that is my challenge this week--- to focus on my eating & exercise habits and forget about that stupid little box and what it conjures up every morning.

See ya lighter!


  1. Ha, I have had the opposite response. I was traveling this weekend, did NOT have my scale, and when I got home, it had crept up 3 lbs. Not happy. I think if I had seen it start to inch up, I would have been more attentive to my food intake. I exercised a LOT and thought that would "do it," but apparently not. I feel like I have to keep closer track or I just go unconscious or assume that what I am doing is just fine when it's not.

  2. I weigh in at home and my WI day is Sunday. But last night I was too tired to deal with the emotions that could come with the possibility of weight gain so I decided to put off the weigh-in. I like to weigh when I feel great, like after a nice hot shower after a kickass workout. And I only do it once a week. Checking my weight day to day would make me way too obsessed and unhappy.

    Here's to focusing on the positive. I think this is a great goal for the week!

    ~Karen (aka @shoot_the_moon)

  3. good idea to put the scale away. i have a scale at home, but i rarely use it since i'm back to attending WW metings. i only get weighed once per week and that is at the meeting. it keeps me sane and not obsessed about what is happening over the course of the week. plus, it is consistent in that i'm weighing at the same time each week.

  4. I think this is an excellent idea. I kicked my scale out of my house (gave it away) for this same reason and so far it has worked. I hope you can reach your "NO SCALE" goal this week.