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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now what will I do Tuesday nights????

Now that this season of Biggest Loser is over? 

I am so sad. I lost 20 pounds during the season. It was something I counted on every Tuesday night. I knew no matter what my ass would be in the gym from 8:30-9:30 once a week to watch the show and workout on the elliptical. I feel like Im already going through withdrawal symptoms...

ANYHOW- here is my BL finale review, Ill keep it short & sweet (actually it is directly from an email I sent to The best friend)

WOW!!!! Crazy huh????? I was a little disappointed that Helen had won, I was rooting for Tara. But by the finale, it was anybodys game. Didnt she look a skeleton? How did Helen lose that much in a month? I think she may have been ON something. Not sure- just seems a little fishy.  Remember how ramped up she was when Jillian visited her at home? HMMMMMMM...

Mike looked hot!!! Huh? Very cute kid----- if I was 18 of course ; )

I wish Nicole or Kristen would have won the at-home, but Jerry deserved it. Bless his little old senile heart.

As for the orange team- COME ON! It makes me really sad that David didnt lose any more weight. Thats a guy who has lost his hope.

Kristen= awesome & LOVE the hair, wish I could have been behind the scenes to see if she ever talked to Ron...

Anyhow! thats my review of the show!!!!

Now on to my personal challenge- Day 2- off the scale. OMW this is so hard!!!! Yesterday was worse.  I just didnt realize how dependent I am on it! The Fiance is not much help, because he is still weighing everyday and then asks me, What do you weigh this morning? I keep having to remind him that Im off the scale this week. The nice thing is he is losing weight, so I probably am too... since we workout & eat together. I can report that I am much happier and less anxious about my weight loss - proving that...

Man cannot live by the scale alone...

See you lighter!


  1. Just an idea. Grab a movie or something you have been wanting to watch, pop it in during that time when biggest loser would have been on and stop once your hour or so is done. Then don't watch until next week or when you workout again. If it is good then you will want to workout.

  2. I was surprised that Helen won too. I was rooting for Tara, and thought she might have it in the bag, but really they all did so well, it was anyones game.

    Don't worry, I'm sure the next season will be starting before we know it. LOL

  3. I will be lost on Tuesdays as well, I always used my exercise ball during that time. I was pulling for Tara too! I thought Helen looked kind of scary skinny, great, but a little skeleton'ish. I just started following you, I'm new here. We seem to have similar weight loss goals and we are the same age! :) Good luck to you on your journey! I look forward to reading.

  4. I fel you on the scale thing. It is HARD for me not to jump on every 5 minutes. lol I even took a pic of me on it and posted it on my fat site. Obessed much! lol Can I link your site to mine?

  5. I was routing for Tara too. I think Helen looked scary skinny and I doubt she will be able to keep up 6 hour a day workouts. I think she would look better if she put a few pounds back on (who said that?)

    I just found your blog and I'm looking forward to coming back to catch up on what I've missed.