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Monday, April 6, 2009


Hallelujah! A big loss this week! Actually it was a big week all around! I lost a total of 2.6 (it would have been more if it wasn't for that damn baby shower and all its delectable treats!) making my total loss 30.6! Yay! Which also means I hit my 15 % goal! 

I am VERY happy that when I go home to see my family I will have lost almost 20 pounds!

I've been keeping a "fat-beaker" on my fridge and every month I start a new sheet. I always put the Goal as 15 pounds (even though I know it is outrageous).  Although, one time I actually lost 15 pounds in one month... oh, to be 21 again... *sigh*. So I know it can be done.
Anyway, I save my past months underneath. I dont know why but this thing is a huge motivator for me (maybe b/c it's on the fridge?). I am like a little kid, i get so excited to cross off a new number. DORK. Anyhow, last month I lost over 7 pounds! I realized- at this rate I only have to lose 6 pounds  a month from now until October 14th to it my goal...hmmm... still possible...

What is the game plan? Glad you asked! I am doing The 30-Day Shred Challenge. (Jillian Michaels DVD).

Today was the FIRST day.... Yea... "Damn! That b*%tch is KRAYZAY!" 

I would write up a whole review but I think if I type one more key tonight one of my sore-ass arms is going to fall off. Maybe Tomorrow.

Till then See You Lighter!


  1. Congratulations on losing this week!

    I've heard so much about that workout DVD! I am definitely going to have to try it soon.

  2. You are so awesome and inspirational!! Congratulations on your fantastic weigh-in this week. Love you!! XOXO - Carole

  3. Congratulations! Keep the momentum going and you'll hit your goal in no time :)

  4. A HUGE congratulations to you!

    I love your attitude...it's catching :-) I also love the soccer post.

  5. Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    *throwing confetti*

    You are my inspiration! You go girl! :-D


  6. Wow thanks! I am really feelin the love ; )