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Sunday, April 12, 2009

It felt great...

I will admit it, today I let myself go. I scheduled my day so that it was a "high- point" one and I didnt track at all, not one bit! To be honest I dont feel bad about it. I have been really good the past few days, despite the fact that my mom has no accurate scale and I'm on vacation. Plus, I gave up chocolate for Lent and I HAD TO have at least a couple of mom's chocolate covered-coconut eggs!

I enjoyed a wonderful meal with my family & to be honest, I didnt really do that bad. It could have been worse- and in holidays past- it has been.

But what really felt great is that everyone in my family noticed my weight loss and everybody was supportive and complimentative (is that a word?). I love my family, and right now I feel great about myself.

Tomorrow I am back on the plan "full force" because I told everybody in the family that when I come back home in September, I will be at least 20 pounds lighter. So... I better get back on the plan- cause now that I said it, I better stick to it! ; )

Happy Easter all & I'll see ya lighter!


  1. I didn't track much either... Easter is just one of those holidays... lol! Hope you had a good Easter and I am glad that so many people noticed your weight loss! That is a huge motivator!

  2. Hi,
    I work for http://www.aolhealth.com/. We are doing a story on people who are using Twitter to track their weight loss/dieting and swap advice with other twitterers and saw that you're doing just that, and decided to follow you (Twitter name: Health Pop). Would you be interested in sharing your story and best tip (in tweet-form, of course)?

  3. That's the glory of this new lifestyle. It's a matter of CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to eat higher point items or even choose to go "off" program so much you dont' stay within the limits of points but you do so now with the knowledge of what it will "cost". Sometimes the cost/price is worth it, other times... not so much. But the point is.. YOU ARE NOW IN CHARGE!