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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Deed is Done!


I cant believe it actually! If you would have asked me three months ago if I thought I would ever run a 5k- I would have said "Are you flippin' crazy? Hell no!" That doesn't even sound remotely pleasurable. I was happy with my daily leisurely strolls with the dog. 

Today as I crossed the finish line an overwhelming sense of accomplishment hit me, something I haven't felt in a very, very long time.

The race started at 8:30 am so we had to get up around 6:45 to get there on time. I was surprisingly excited, I actually got up on time!  The Fiance told me he was equally excited. When we got to there the whole crowd was stretching and preparing for the race. Within 15 minutes 800 people were lined up, The fiance and I were in the middle when the shotgun sounded. 
We were off! This was it! 
Earlier in the week someone warned me to keep my own pace and not try to keep up with other runners or I could get tired out really fast. So that is what I did, and people of all ages and sizes were passing me on my left and right. I started slow- just a light jog and worked my way up to something I felt comfortable running the whole race.  The first half was slightly down hill- and the second half was slightly uphill. Pretty much the opposite of the way we had been training. I think it made it easier. As the race stretched on to the second mile, some of the people who passed me earlier were now walking, and now- I was passing them. Gotta admit- that felt kinda good. he-he. I continued my pace. Even if it was slow. : ) By the third mile It was a bit harder, but I hadnt had the urge AT ALL to stop and walk. I felt great. And holy sh*t— Am I starting to, uh, uh... enjoy running?????? WTF??? Has the whole world turned upside??? I couldn't believe it, I was having a great time. There was a feeling of camaraderie running with a group of people (plus I enjoy the people who stand on the sidelines holding YOU CAN DO IT! signs). 

The last 1/4 of a mile I started to get a little teary (WAHHHHHHHHH!!!) . But once I saw the finish line I booked it, and I ALMOST beat a 65 year old man-  so close. 

My final time was , drum roll please.... 37 min and 51 sec!  (these are the official results) Ok, so that's not FAST, I'll admit it, but I jogged- The whole thing- and the next time  (Yep, I said next time) I am gonna to be a lot faster. : )

Enjoy, the picture (unfortunately they didn't take any of us crossing the line) but here I am telling the 5k it ain't got Sh*t on me!!!!

See ya'll lighter!


  1. WOW!! WAY TO GO YOU!! That is awesome! You are so inspiring!! Congratulations, you must be so proud of yourself..I am! =) =) Much congrats your way!!

  2. I am SO proud of you! Way to go!!

    Carole HIcks

  3. That is so AWESOME! Congrats!!!

    Such an inspiring story- I can't wait till your next race! :)