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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ode to "Point no.23"

At today's WW meeting I lost .8 & at friday's WW (make-up) meeting I lost 1.8! I can safely say after three weeks on Wendi's Plan -that sh%t works!

However with this new documented loss I drop into the 160's! Awesome! Although, now I lose a point- point no.23. Boy, am I gonna miss that point, I liked point no.23. So I thought I would honor it with a little poem.

Ode to Point No. 23~

You've been a great point
But now we must part,
Like point 21 & 22
you've been here from the start.

In good times & bad
We've stuck together like glue,
When the hunger hit my tummy,
you were there to get me thru.

You came in many shapes
and many colors too,
from a crisp red apple 
to a cup of honeydew.

See as I get myself slimmer
I've needed you less,
And as I continue my journey
WW knows best.

So, dearest point twenty-three
I've finally got wise,
For I'm on this trip
to lose these fat thighs!

Ha-ha, I'm no poet! But if you're on Weight Watchers I am sure you can relate to the "loss of a point".

Till next time...
See Yins Lighter!


  1. Haha, this poem was FANTASTIC! Made me laugh! I'm so glad that the Wendie Plan is working for you! Congrats with your weight loss and getting to the 160s, it's a great thing isn't it!! You go girl!!! =)

  2. You are a poet! Wonderful!