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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Off the Wagon...

I'll be honest, last week I fell off the wagon- not completely off - more like, I fell off the back end got my pants stuck on one of the spokes and was dragged into the new week. Both Friday & Sat. I drank booze and went out to eat. (Gasp! at Del Taco).  I even slept through yesterday's WW meeting. My personal scale says a gain of 1.8 pounds for the week.  I even feel puffy.
Although I gained this week I am really determined to jump back on the horse and have a big loss next week. Which after doing this program for almost a year I have come to realize usually happens after a week of gains. 

Last week while scouring the internet for good weight loss tips I was re-directed to the The Wendi Plan page (see  www.stormpc.com/ww/wendie_plan.htm). Which basically encourages dieters to alternate the amount of points you use per day, to avoid hitting a plateau. This makes complete sense to me b/c after dieting for awhile it seems like it is harder to have the big loses b/c my body has adjusted to eating less.

Her theory is that our body's are built for survival and that if we deprive the body it will go into a starvation mode- and not metabolize the calories as well.  Therefore if you eat at the high range of your points one day and the low end the next your body never gets comfortable with the same amount of points everyday. Thus creating  amore energy efficient body.

Here is an example of the pattern directly from the site 
(based on a 22-29 point range):
Day 1- 22 pts
Day 2- 28 pts.
Day 3- 23 pts.
Day 4-  36-39 pts.
Day 5- 22 pts.
Day 6- 29 pts.
Day 7- 27 pts.

My daily pts is 23, so  I had to adjust the figures above to one point higher.

Basically your rhythm should look like this: low/high/low/very high/ very low/high/ med. high.

I'm excited to try it, the logic behind it makes sense. What the heck? It's worth a shot, right?

Oh and I got a new haircut and style- something I encourage dieters to do after hitting a goal. Not only is it a nice reward, but it made me notice the changes in my body as well! I am done hiding behind my hair! 

Well, I will update you on Wendi's plan after Sundays weigh-in. Until then, "See you lighter!"


  1. Good luck with the Wendi plan! I've never tried it, though I know many on-line who successfully have. luk how you do! :)

    (and try staying on the wagon, eh? ;) I'm kind of hanging off the wheel right now, too. Snacks are calling my name)

  2. Hmm, that Wendi plan looks interesting. I only have 20 points (wahh) but would like to try it out.