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Monday, March 9, 2009

The results are in...

This afternoon I went to a make up weight watchers meeting. (I missed Sundays meeting b/c I was was out late the night before and slept through my WW meeting again- I should probably rethink those Sunday 9am meetings) ANYWAY-  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had lost (drum roll please ...)  2.4 pounds since Tuesday plus the 1.8 I gained last week, for a grand total of 4.2 in eight days!!!! So survey says, Wendi's plan just might work! I was surprisingly satisfied the entire week, one day I even had to eat 40 points! By the end of the day I didn't really want to eat anymore. I was nervous, how could I have eaten that much and still lost weight? But every morning I did. It was crazy- crazy good!
BTW- If you try this you want to make sure you are tracking everything carefully.
The fiance and I exercised almost everyday & continued training for the 5K, we are up to 3x a week for 40 minutes. As a reward for our efforts we bought ourselves Ipods, which has really helped keep my mind off just how much I HATE running.  Ha-ha.

Oh, and I almost forgot... I earned my 25 pound medal at weight watchers! I am pretty excited.. it really makes the motivation inside burn a little hotter. Now on to the next goal "my 15% loss"- 167 lbs.- right around the corner. Who knows? If I stick to Wendi's plan I may hit it next week- we all need to keep our fingers & toes crossed for that one. ; )


  1. I gave you an award! :)


  2. Wow Thanks Amy! That really means a lot to me- I am so fortunate to have great people to support me!