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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 1: Happy Birthday to me: A brand new day, a brand new life

Happy Birthday to me... happy birthday to me...

I can not believe today is the day. Sort of anticlimactic actually. HAH!

As promised I went to WW and weighed in at: 160 pounds. Kinda far from my goal. But if you would have asked me a year and a half ago if I ever thought I could seriously lose 40 pounds. I would have said No. In fact I had very little confidence that I could ever change my life or my appearance. And then little by little I started making small changes. And those small changes started adding up. Now I fully believe that I will hit my goals, I am proud of myself thus far.

In retrospective, it isnt just the number on the scale that is important, it's other stuff too. It's the other accomplishments that really mean something, its the reward from working hard. So I decided to list those, just to remind myself.

30 Changes & Accomplishments:
3o.  I actually like taking pictures of myself again!
29.  I have elbows that "point" again
28. My double chin has shrunk considerably
27. My skin is so much clearer
26. My upper arms are rounded instead of totally flat- they actually have definition
25: My rings are loose!
24: I enjoy shopping for clothes again.
23: I am taking more pride in my appearance
22. I actually enjoy the feeling of hunger, I can appreciate it. (I know that sounds weird)
21. I ran 2 5ks this year!
20. I played on a soccer team during the spring.
19. I scored a goal!
18. My collar bones are starting to come out again!
17. You can start to see my spine 
16. I can feel my ribs again!
15. I can get drunk off 2 drinks again! haha
14. My neighbor told me yesterday that she didn't recognize me because I lost weight (the last time I saw her was 2 months ago)
13. My co-worker commented, "look how good Luzanne looks!" to another co-worker
12. I get full rather quickly.
11. My feet have gotten smaller!  ( i didnt know they did that)
10. My Fiance seems to really like my new look : )
9. I dont get winded by doing a simple task.
8. Crossing my legs again.
7. i had to buy a new bathing suit because the other was too loose.
6. Fitting into old clothes!
5. When I put my hair up, my neck looks much thinner than it use to.
4. My boobs stick out further then my belly!
3. Shaving my legs is easier.
2. Taking (and loving) a Zumba class.
1. Changing my entire view of my life and my abilities.

I may not have hit my mark by my 30th birthday, but I am really proud of what I accomplished so far this year. And I absolutely know that in the next year I will hit my ultimate goal (less than 130). I may be taking it slow, but I will get there- just you watch me.

So, I realized that I miscalculated and maybe today should have been day "0" since my postings counted down to my birthday. Then again maybe it SHOULD be a one since technically this is the first day of the next year of my new life.

See ya lighter!

Also, thanks to everyone for your support through this personal challenge. Your comments have meant so much to me along the way. Merci!!!! XOXOX


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love your list...it's always good to remind yourself of how far you've come. You are in much better shape than your last birthday...so celebrate!!! xoxoxo

  2. You look fantastic! Just wish I could see your pretty face!!! You and I have the same goal...well, I say 135, but 130 is where I think I REALLY wanna be. I have been stuck at 161.2 for the last 2 weeks. I'm REALLY hoping to get to 160 tomorrow. I HAVE TO!!!! You thinspire me!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Those are some amazing accomplishments, you should be so proud of yourself! And you are looking HOT, HOT, HOT!! Well done! We are all here to support you and see you get under 130!!! Go Girl!

  4. You've accomplished some pretty great things. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

  5. Way. To. Go. This is the coolest post ever! I don't even know you, and I feel so completely happy for you. I'm looking forward to being a lot smaller on my own 30th birthday too.

    You have just made me smile...a lot! Congrats!

  6. Congrats! What an awesome accomplishment!