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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 13: Life throws your curveballs

My schedule was a bit crazy and despite my efforts to plan I had some unexpected changes in my schedule. I did okay, probably a little better b/c I planned. Lunch was a disaster b/c I had given blood a half hour before and they wanted me to eat something sweet when I was done- I ende up eating 2 cookies and skipping lunch. Then I was at a photo shoot and missed my opportunity to eat my snack so I ended up grabbing a bag of Lays baked potato chips. Dinner was almost normal, except that I ate a whole tortilla instead of half... and then there was the ice cream.

I will be planning for tomorrow and hopefully since it is a lazy saturday, I will do better.

See ya lighter!

1 comment:

  1. It did not sound that bad. A couple of cookies vs the box. A bag of baked Lays vs. Fritos. A whole tortillia vs. a Cheesy garlic bread.... loaf!

    You did good dodging the balls! AND you gave blood! What a champ.