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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 14:I have a plan. A better plan.

And it's for tomorrow. 

I realized something- when i lose the most weight on WW it's because I have a plan for the next day. I plan all my meals in my tracker with pencil then re-write it in pen as I eat. The better I plan the better I do. Then right before I fall asleep, I visualize myself sticking to my plan the next day.

When I go into a day being able to make my own choices on a whim I end up eating pizza & cupcakes (like today, when we had lunch catered at work). Normally, that's fine. I'm okay with eating a slice of pizza here and there BUT, I am not going to lose this weight being sloppy and letting myself give in to these impulse meals. I've been letting myself slide the past couple days and it is showing up on the scale. Gotta reign this shit in...

So tomorrow it's back to following my plan. The meal plan I just wrote in my tracker.

I will share now and let you know how I did...

-WW yogurt (1pt)
-fruit (1)

-1/2 tortilla (1.5)
-ground turkey (3)
-Lettuce & tomato w salsa
-fruit (1)

-packet of lipton soup (1)

-2 eggs (4)
1/2 tortilla (1.5)
WW cheese (2)
sugar free pudding (1)
olive oil (2)

Free (up to 3)

Total 22


  1. I agree with planning. When you plan ahead, you don't have to "think" about what you're going to eat.

    I've been wanting to plan my meals for months, but I never do it.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Planning is key!

    I don't know how you only eat 5 times per day though. I'd be so hungry b/t meals! I eat 7 times per day...every 2 hours starting at 8am. This seems to keep me from ever starving and then binging.

    But I think ANY planning will be exactly what you need to stay on track. Proud of you!

  3. Yes yes, planning is KEY. I can't just go with what I'm feeling cause if I eat what I want, I never lose. I HAVE to plan. I just don't always plan accordingly. I need to be better, way to be a good example and remind me to get with the program!