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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 8: Big disapointment

With one week till my birthday- I am really disappointed in myself tonight. I went WAY overboard with eating. 

The fiance's parents are in town and I made awful choices for myself when we went out to eat.... sigh..... I am going to forgive myself, forget my mistake and start fresh tomorrow.


  1. Luz-

    Don't beat yourself up! It happens! It's happened before, and it will happen again. It's like we keep saying (or you have to keep reminding me)...just get up tomorrow and start fresh; and if you don't make it, start fresh the next day. Having family in town is the WORST! But you can conquer- if anyone can, I know it's you.


  2. I agree with Diz, dont beat yourself up over it, take it as a lesson that you need to plan better. When i know Im going out to dinner I plan ahead, I find out what restaurant we are going to, go online and look at their menu and hopefully they have the nutrition info and figure out exactly what to eat, then I also plan my day out. Since I'm on WW I figure out what has LOW points for meals like Progresso Soups, some are 0points so the whole can is only 1.5 and fills me up ALL day. Good luck next time and remember this journey takes time.