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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2: Less that one hour left!

Less than one hour until the BIG day! I can't believe it is almost here— and that I am spending my last minutes in my twenties blogging! I feel like I should be out doing something crazy and uninhibited. Like sky diving, or just drinking myself into oblivion!  

I gotta tell ya though, I am starving right now! I didnt really eat dinner. I am hoping to pull some sort of loss at the 11th hour. Even if I have to restrict my intake, it would be worth it if the scale shows some movement. Tomorrow I am going to have an official WW weigh in and I will report the results to you ASAP.

Sigh... well I better go... I have only 40 minutes left to go run the streets naked- or something like that! See you all tomorrow--- keep those fingers crossed that I wake up weighing 130. HAH! I'll need a miracle for that...

See ya lighter!


  1. awww can't believe its here!! Good luck!! =) =)

  2. Just wanted to send you some good wishes...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take today to celebrate YOU and not even think about weight loss. This is a new decade for you to take charge of your life--do something crazy & new to kick it off!! Enjoy your day & may this be your best year yet!!