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Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 19: Jersey Season

Yesterday the Fiance and I decided to head to the local casino to catch the Steelers game (since it wasnt on regular TV). Since this was our first game out of the house of course we had to "represent".

"Go put your jersey" the Fiance urged "I bet it fits you better". Hmmm... that's right! I haven't worn my jersey since last January. (It's one of the cute ladies versions with the synched waists.) I love that jersey, I just got it last Christmas. Wearing it just makes you feel like your on the team or something.

So, I went to get my sized Large jersey and slipped over my head, "Wow, your right it's loose! The numbers look much larger than I remember, huh. What do YOU think?"

"Woah... yeah, your stomach doesn't hang out from underneath it anymore..."

"What!?" Are you serious my stomach hung out under it?! I didnt know that!"

"Well it WAS tighter, It was pretty snug around your stomach."

"Damn! And I thought it looked good all that time... "

Well, I happy to say now it does not look like that anymore. I looked in the mirror again. It does feel a little too loose now... maybe it's time for a different size. 

Or one of those cute little midriff ones- HAHA! Not yet.......... patience grasshopper.



  1. Way to go!! That always makes me feel good!

  2. Happy dance for you! I have found it amazing trying on clothes that I loved to wear last year and finding them to be gigantic. It is a celebration, but then there is the whole, how BAD did I look last year????? Hindsight is 20/20....I can't change last year, but this year is definitely looking better.

  3. Patience Grasshopper...LOLOL- I love it! I love buying new clothes and having old ones be too big too- what an amazing feeling. Nothing beats it. Congrats girl, you deserve it.