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Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 22: I just can't quit you.

Why do you have such powerful effects on me? Why, oh why are you so hard to resist? What is it about you that can throw me into a tailspin?!

It's my biggest trigger & the most unrelenting temptation its...  FREE FOOD!!!

What is it about free food that makes me totally forget I'm on my diet?! Ugh. I feel awful. Cheese burger sliders of all flavors at our catered work outing tonight. Yeah, not pretty.
I wish I could walk into a party and be able to ignore the food around me. I wish I could have complete control. I wish I could walk in with no fear. These edibles, presented so perfectly, are always whispering, "eat me... you know you want to...I'm delicious." It's like a thousand little voices over and over in my head....

The idea that I can eat as much as I want (wether it's tasty or not) for free consumes me. Why is that?! It just always in my face, I think about it the whole time. I just want to keep filling my plate like it's my last meal. I try to go in with a mental game plan. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. ******Sigh******** Another new habit I have to practice, practice, practice.

And now I'm paying the price. Belly pains from all this fatty , greasy garbage churning in my stomach. Yeah, that will teach me! I've really learned my lesson-  that is until the next picnic/luncheon/buffet/family meal.

I need to get this shit under control if I'm going to make it through the holidays.

Please, Please help me learn to handle this.

(Wo)man, I need suggestions! I want to break free- from the free-for-all.

See ya lighter,


  1. No solutions for you, but please be comforted by the fact that this is a common (but SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND) plight among those of us trying to get our eating under control. In my case, if I'm around work people, I will NOT eat in front of them AT ALL, but give me a chance to sneak, and there's no limit to what I'll do. I surprise myself at the lengths I'll go to get free food. But when I started this blog I resolved to stop the binging. So far so good. By reading the success blogs, I know it can be done. That means you and I can do it.

  2. If you know there is going to be free food...eat before you goand pound back a bottle of water! At the very least, you'll have less garbage food while there.

  3. Maybe have it wrapped up to take home and eat later?

  4. UGH! This is one of my triggers as well. While I haven't successfully conquered, I have gotten better. One thing I always try to ask myself while roaming the table is, why do I think I need it, just because it's free? I try to remind myself that there is plenty of food and I won't starve, so I don't need to load my plate like it's the last supper. It's definitely a mental game, for sure. Try to look at it from the perspective of- there is plenty to eat and you can always come back for more. Not only that, but there will always be plenty to eat in the future, we've never starved for crying out loud. Nothing tastes as good as being in control. And there will always be more food later on down the road. I also try to pick the top two or three things that I want the most and whittle from there. Here in HB we always have these stupid dessert parties where everyone brings treats, and they're my down fall. I loooove treats. I've had to have many serious conversations with myself, but I've also learned to manage to eat slower, take one bite of the things I want to try, and then drink some water and chill for 10 minutes before round two or three. And once you're full- STOP. It's a never-ending mind conversation, but you can do it! I know you can and the holidays are the perfect time to start practicing, cause as long as you're alive there will be more parties and more holidays to practice on. You can do it!!!

  5. It isn't really free when you have to pay for it later, right?

    I have the same problem though and feel like I need to take advantage of all the free stuff. Why don't they ever offer free fruits and veggies?