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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 27: Perseverance over Perfection

Today I was doing a little house cleaning when I found several old dieting notebooks. I use to keep a diary of my food intake in these notebooks- I would label it at the top "Day One", "Day Two", "Day Three". It was sad- they never went past Day Three. I always gave up. I looked at these erratically filled journals and felt bad for myself.

Actually I felt bad for my old self. These little reminders were evidence of the old days and the desperation I would feel when I would go on these short-lived health kicks. I wanted to lose weight so bad. I so was unhappy with myself. But attempt after attempt proved unsuccessful. Sometimes I am surprised that I finally was able to break free of that cycle and push through. So I wondered what was different this time? Why did it finally work?

I honestly think it was when I realized that perseverance is way more important than perfection. The biggest reason I have been able to lose 34+ pounds is the fact that I kept going this time. No matter how bad you do in one day you have to pull yourself up and keep going- look to the long term. We can't expect to diet and exercise for 2-3 weeks and suddenly become skinny. We need to stop giving up on ourselves. Stop focusing on being perfect. That gets old. Just keep trying everyday. And realize that we will hit plateaus and sometimes unmotivated weeks or months. 

We have to persevere - we have to keep trying.

See ya lighter!


  1. I too have loads of those books - and each one has my weight and measurements - and those figures have just kept going up and up. You are sooo right - we have to keep trying. This is the first time the weight has started to come down. It's not fast, but at least it's not going up! If it were I am sure I would be well over 200lbs by now!

    What a great post!

  2. This is such a good post. Thank you so much for writing it. I needed to hear all of that!

  3. jennifer york (jeepjenn)September 20, 2009 at 6:31 AM

    Ah, the secret to life itself! G-d, the universe, life...whatever you believe in, puts up walls - big brick walls - to see how badly you want something.Those who do not want it badly enough will give up...those who strive for change, strive to grow, will find a way up, over, under, around and best of all THROUGH a wall.

    So the question has never been, what do you want, but HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT???

  4. I couldn't agree more- I think the biggest problem most of us face is, we think- oh...I had a bad moment so what's the point? I messed up...And then we give up. BUT YOU CAN'T GIVE UP! Everything that is worth having in this life is something you have to work for. Same with having a great body and a great self esteem. Just let go of the guilt and the shame and pick yourself up the next day and start again. And 34 pounds?!? What a fabulous feat! Congrats!