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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 36: It's either me or the Brownies...

The family left today.

When I got home from work I cleaned the junk out of the fridge and actually threw away a half pan of brownies! I hate to waste food but I just KNEW if they sat there on the counter, they would be gone. I didn't really even like them, but it was still hard! At first I contemplated taking them to work and sharing them but then I realized, What the hell am I thinking?! I dont stand a chance with those things around tempting me. It was either me or the brownies. 
I also tossed a couple bags of chips and some rolls. However, the macaroni salad convinced me to let it stay for one more day... but now I am thinking about tossing it on its ass too. That shit is mean!

I was so convinced that when they left it would be easy again. Oops! Guess what!! I was wrong. I tried to be really good today. But dinner got the best of me and I gave in and made some poor choices. 

I cant be too hard on myself. I managed to work out on the elliptical- the first time I "exercised" in over a week! I only hung on for 20 minutes and I had to drag myself tooth and nail up to the gym but I did it... so that gives me home for tomorrow.

I havent weighed myself since Sunday's weigh in. Truthfully I am scared. I am scared that if I get on that scale and it says a big gain I will be so depressed. So ignorance is bliss - for all I know I am still 163. 

And at this point I just want to work my butt off so that when I go to WW next week it doesn't say anything over that.

- Luzanne Mythis
See ya lighter!


  1. So you slipped.. now get back on the band wagon. Good for you on throwing away those brownies! I've done that sort of thing before. Or I've even given them to other family members who want them. Keep your head high, you got this! =)

  2. Kudos for throwing out the brownies! And recognizing that they weren't even tasty enough to waste the calories. That's a hard thing to do. Consider that a victory for the week!