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Monday, September 7, 2009

day 38: What's the point???


I've pretty much lost my will power- just too much going on. I am not bingeing, but I'm not making healthy choices. With the holiday, family, picnics and a fridge full of junk food, everything is working against me. But I have ONE MORE DAY to survive before the family heads home then it's back to the normal routine- back to LOSING WEIGHT!!!!



  1. The point is you lost 3 pounds!! That's amazing!!! You just have to keep going - it's just a blip on the road - YOU CAN DO IT!!

  2. I think you're doing very well, you may be hanging on by your fingernails, but you didn't completely throw in the towel. And yes, you are surviving! Bring on the normal routine!

  3. What's the Point??? You are! You have done soooooo good! I was inspired by the dark chocolate reeses peanut butter story! That my friend was will power! Keep up the good work. It is always hard when you have company. Keep trying to make the better choices, they don't always have to be the best choice!