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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 30: It's baaaaaaaaaack! And I am so happy!

Biggest Loser is back! Biggest Loser is back! 

You have no idea how happy I am. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I know I probably sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I take this show very seriously.

I was so motivated by it, that I lost 20 pounds during last season. And when it was over I was so depressed. Every week I would work out for 30 min- 2 hours while the show was on. Just watching the contestants made me realize that I could do what they were doing. If they had the strength, courage and determination to change their lives (and bodies) on national TV I could do it too! 

I'm excited about the cast this season. And I love the theme of the show... Second Chances.  If I had to pick a couple of my favorites so far I would have to say... Abbey, Sean & Shay. My heart just went out to Abbey, you can just tell she has overcome so much- she needs this in her life.  I have a feeling with her optimistic personality- she can inspire so many. 

I also get very emotional about the show too... the Fiance calls it a bawlfest.  And tonight was no different. Within the first three minutes I had tears in my eyes. When he came in the living room he said, "You're  not crying already are you???  You are! Oh boy, It's gonna be a long season."

I hope it is- because I have committed to lose 25 pounds during this season- 5 more than last. And I know I can do it- won't you join me?

See ya lighter!


  1. I will join you! I can't wait to watch this season - I am sooo addicted to that show! LOVE IT!! I need to find it somewhere to watch, it will probably be a year before it's here in the UK!

  2. oh my god!! me too!!

    Nate cant stand watching it with me because I cry at least once every episode!

  3. I love The Biggest Loser! I cried at least 4 times last night. I will commit to at least 10lbs this season, can't quite do 25, but I will commit 10! :)

  4. Love BL as well - it's what inspired me to start my WL journey (lost 78 lb in 2005.) You gotta help me - I turned it on late last night - what is Abbey's story? Gotta be good to get Jillian emotional on the first night!

  5. Sara- It's so sad!!! Her husband and both her two children were killed in a car accident in 2006. One of her children was just a 2 week old baby. The other driver was going over 100 miles an hour.

    It's just so sad.....