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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 21: Go take a hike! Then eat pizza & wings

It's true. I admit it--- I went for an awesome 2 hour and 15 minute hike and then followed it up with 2 pieces of pizza, 5 wings,  2 reeses pieces minis and cherry cobbler ala mode... Shameful! Think of the weight I would have lost had I just eaten a salad instead!

Oy... at least I earned that fattening dinner. I mean I'm not proud of my choice, but it I was going to do it, at least I burned a shit-ton (990, to be exact) calories before hand.

This is a constant game of checks and balances. But, I need to shape up here. It's okay to give yourself some lee-way but the past couple days I've been slacking with the snacks and fatty shit. I need to cut it out. Straight up. I need to get serious. No junk food tomorrow. Best behavior.

Girl Scout promise.

(Did someone say girl scout - cookies? ....mmmm...)

- Luzanne

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