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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 44: What is this candy bar worth to me??

Wow, this counting calories has been a huge learning experience for me! I feel like I have more control and I am more aware of my eating habits and the contents of what I am putting in my mouth. 

Tonight I shocked myself. The Fiance came back to the car with 2 candy bars. Both Reesee's. One was the new dark-chocolate Reesee's peanut butter cups and the other the new whipped Reesee's candy-bar. (He knew I really wanted to try the dark chocolate one) Immediately I read the back of one- holy shit balls in space! 180 calories for a half a candy bar?! A half? That is like 20 minutes on the elliptical! GROAN! I thought about it out for a minute and figured up how much I could eat for 100 calories. So.... I had a half of a half of a half- or one small bite- for 45 calories. And a 1/2 of one Reese's cup for 52. Almost 100 calories- in two bites!!! 

I made those the longest two bites I have ever taken. Ahhhh.... the sweet goodness. Two bites and I handed it back to the Fiance and said "I don't want to see these anymore." 

It is amazing how much better food tastes when you are dieting— When you have to eat slow and savor every bite. Before I started dieting, I would wolf down a couple candy bars and not really taste them.  I was always yearning for more... I don't think I ever really enjoyed what I was eating. Thats kind of sad- I put on 60+ pounds and it was mostly mindless eating... wow.

Here's to making every bite count & counting every bite!

See ya lighter!


  1. Way to make it savor that chocolate! I don't think I would have even given it that much thought.
    Which is maybe why I haven't reached goal yet...
    Kudos :)

  2. I LOL at this post! So can relate to every bit of it! My mom keeps laughing at me when I eat something "real" and carry on about how good it is. She gives me this amazed look and says, "It really isn't that good! You just haven't eaten anything good in a long time."

    I know what she is saying, but I can't really agree. I don't feel as though I am depriving myself. I do feel as though I eat some really good stuff. It is just that "the good stuff" isn't *crack food* any more.

    HOWEVER, when I take a walk on the wild side and have me some *crack food* it really is GOOD!