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Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 20: Its been a long day

and not very good. As far as what I ate I did alright, but I had a very emotional day and almost threw it all out the window and binged. I am lucky that I decided not to. Food will not solve my problems not tonight, not ever. 

I weighed in at WW, with a loss of .4 and Total of 35 so far.

good night. Lets hope tomorrow is better.


  1. So proud you were able to avoid the binge. I understand completely!! Chalk it up as a success!!

  2. Congrats on 35 lbs. Little by little you're getting there & that's great! :) It's a new week to start fresh.

  3. Any WI with a loss is an AWESOME WI. And avoiding that binge is so wonderful. Woooohooo for you! Now, you have your 35 weekly points, so perhaps you can choose one item that you may have had in that binge, and plan for it? Hang in there; an emotionally tough day is harder when we're heavier.